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10-K - ANNUAL REPORT - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015_carbonnatural.htm
EX-31.1 - CERTIFICATION - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex31i_carbon.htm
EX-23.1 - CONSENT OF EKS&H LLLP REGARDING THE FORM S-8 FINANCIALS - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex23i_carbon.htm
EX-23.2 - CONSENT OF CAWLEY, GILLESPIE & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex23ii_carbon.htm
EX-10.12 - CARBON NATURAL GAS COMPANY 2015 STOCK INCENTIVE PLAN - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex10xii_carbon.htm
EX-32.2 - CERTIFICATION - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex32ii_carbon.htm
EX-31.2 - CERTIFICATION - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex31ii_carbon.htm
EX-32.1 - CERTIFICATION - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex32i_carbon.htm
EX-99.1 - REPORT OF CAWLEY, GILLESPIE & ASSOCIATES, INC., INDEPENDENT PETROLEUM ENGINEERS. - Carbon Energy Corpf10k2015ex99i_carbonnatural.htm

Exhibit 21.1




Name of Subsidiary  Jurisdiction of Organization  % Ownership
Nytis Exploration (USA) Inc.  Delaware  100%
Nytis Exploration Company LLC  Delaware  98.1 % owned by our subsidiary Nytis Exploration (USA) Inc.
Brushy Gap Coal & Gas, Inc.  Kentucky  100% owned by our indirect subsidiary Nytis Exploration Company LLC