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EX-4.2 - CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE - Moxian, Inc.f10k2014ex4ii_moxianchina.htm
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EX-10.3 - EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS COOPERATION AGREEMENT - Moxian, Inc.f10k2014ex10iii_moxianchina.htm
EX-10.7 - EXCLUSIVE OPTION AGREEMENT - Moxian, Inc.f10k2014ex10vii_moxianchina.htm
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10-K - ANNUAL REPORT - Moxian, Inc.f10k2014_moxianchina.htm
EX-4.1 - SPECIMEN STOCK CERTIFICATE OF COMMON STOCK OF MOXIAN CHINA, INC. - Moxian, Inc.f10k2014ex4i_moxianchina.htm

Exhibit 21.1


List of Subsidiaries


Name   Jurisdiction  

Equity Owners and Percentage

of Equity Securities Held

Moxian CN Group Limited   Samoa   100% owned by Moxian China, Inc.
Moxian Group Limited   British Virgin Islands   100% owned by the Moxian CN Group Limited
Moxian (Hong Kong) Limited   Hong Kong   100% owned by Moxian Group Limited
Moxian Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.   PRC   100% owned by Moxian (Hong Kong) Limited
Moxian Malaysia SDN BHD   Malaysia   100% owned by Moxian (Hong Kong) Limited