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EX-95 - EXHIBIT 95 MINE SAFETY DISCLOSURE - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex9507312020.htm
EX-32.1 - EXHIBIT 32.1 CERTIFICATIONS PURSUANT TO SECTION 1350 OF THE SARBANES-OXLEY ACT - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex32107312020.htm
EX-31.1 - EXHIBIT 31.1 CERTIFICATIONS - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex31107312020.htm
EX-23.1 - EXHIBIT 23.1 CONSENT - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex23107312020.htm
EX-21.1 - EXHIBIT 21.1 SUBSIDIARIES OF OIL-DRI CORPORATION OF AMERICA - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex21107312020.htm
EX-11.1 - EXHIBIT 11.1 EPS - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex11107312020.htm
EX-10.24 - EXHIBIT 10.24 FIRST AMENDMENT ODC DEFERRED COMP - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex10247212020.htm
EX-10.21 - EXHIBIT 10.21 SECOND AMENDMENT TO ODC SERP - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex102107312020.htm
EX-4.1 - EXHIBIT 4.1 DESCRIPTION OF CAPITAL STOCK - Oil-Dri Corp of Americaodcex4107312020.htm
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