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Exhibit 10.14

Summary of Director and Executive Officer Compensation Arrangements

In addition to the compensation arrangements filed as other exhibits to this annual report, Alliance One International, Inc. (the “Company”) has the following compensation arrangements with its directors and named executive officers.

Compensation Arrangements for Directors

Directors who are employees of the Company or its subsidiaries or who serve as paid consultants to the Company are not compensated for their services as director. Non-employee directors receive an annual cash retainer paid in quarterly installments. As of June 1, 2017, such retainer payments for all non-employee directors, other than Mr. Kehaya, were based on the following schedule:

Type of Service
Annual Retainer
Board Member
Lead Independent Director
Audit Committee Member
Audit Committee Chairman
Executive Committee Member
+$ 3,000
Executive Committee Chairman
+$ 5,000
Executive Compensation Committee Member
Executive Compensation Committee Chairman
+$ 7,500
Governance & Nominating Committee Member
+$ 7,500
Governance & Nominating Committee Chairman
+$ 5,000
Social Responsibility & Corporate Affairs Committee Member
+$ 7,500
Social Responsibility & Corporate Affairs Committee Chairman
+$ 5,000
Special Committee Member
+$ 7,500
Special Committee Chairman
+$ 5,000

In his capacity as Non-Executive Chairman, Mr. Kehaya receives an annual retainer in the amount of $120,000 as his exclusive cash compensation.

Compensation Arrangements for Named Executive Officers

The board of directors sets the annual base salary for each of the Company’s chief executive officer, chief financial officer and its three other most highly compensated executive officers, based on fiscal 2017 total compensation (such five officers, the “named executive officers”). As of June 1, 2017, the annual base salary rates for the named executive officers were as follows:

Named Executive Officer
Base Salary
J. Pieter Sikkel


Joel L. Thomas


Graham J. Kayes


Jose Maria Costa Garcia


William L. O’Quinn, Jr.