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Exhibit 21.1


Name of Subsidiary
  Jurisdiction of Formation
Amerex Brokers Canada, Inc.    Canada
Amerex Brokers LLC   Delaware
Century Chartering (U.K.) Ltd   United Kingdom
Christopher Street Capital Limited   United Kingdom
dVega Limited   United Kingdom
Fenics Limited   United Kingdom
Fenics Software Inc.    Delaware
Fenics Software Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Advisory (China) Co. Limited   China
GFI Brokers (Chile) Agentes De Valores SpA   Chile
GFI Brokers Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Brokers LLC   Delaware
GFI Brokers (SA) (PTY) Limited   South Africa
GFI Exchange Colombia (SA).    Colombia
GFI Finance S.a.r.l.    Luxembourg
GFI Group LLC   New York
GFI Group Pte. Limited   Singapore
GFI Group S.a.r.l.    Luxembourg
GFI Group Services Lux Limited   United Kingdom
GFI (HK) Brokers Limited   Hong Kong
GFI (HK) Securities LLC   New York
GFI Holdings Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Korea Money Brokerage Limited   Korea
GFI Markets Ltd.    United Kingdom
GFInet Europe Limited   United Kingdom
GFInet inc.    Delaware
GFInet UK Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Newgate Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Securities Limited   United Kingdom
GFI Securities Colombia (SA).    Colombia
GFI Securities LLC   New York
GFI TP Holdings Pte. Ltd.    Singapore
GFI TP Limited   United Kingdom
GM Capital Markets Limited   United Kingdom
Interactive Ventures LLC   Delaware
Kyte Broking Limited.    United Kingdom
Kyte Capital Management Limited   United Kingdom
Kyte Group Limited   United Kingdom
Trayport Inc.    Delaware
Trayport Limited   United Kingdom