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“Creating a Greener Future”


Safe Harbor Statement

This presentation contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning
of the “safe-harbor” provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other
factors that could cause the actual results of the Company to differ materially
from the results expressed or implied by such statements, including changes
from anticipated levels of sales, future national or regional economic and
competitive conditions, changes in relationships with customers, access to
capital, difficulties in developing and marketing new products, marketing
existing products, customer acceptance of existing and new products, and
other factors. Accordingly, although the Company believes that the
expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable,
there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct.
The Company has no obligation to update the forward-looking information
contained in this presentation.




China is the World’s Largest Polluter

A Sunny Day in the U.S

A Sunny Day in China

CleanTech Innovations tackles pollution through energy savings and pollution
reduction products



China Must Invest in Cleaner Sources of Energy

World CO2 Emissions: 28.4 billion metric tons

China CO2 Emissions: 6.1 billion metric tons


CDIAC data for 2006



China, the world’s largest polluter, may spend about $738 billion in the next decade
developing cleaner  sources of energy. China overtook the U.S as the largest energy user
in 2009.

(in Millions Metric Tons)

Total Energy Consumption(2): U.S. VS China

China consumed 2,252 million metric tons of oil
equivalent in 2009, the most in the world

CO2 Emission by Country(1) %


Our Products Contribute to a Greener Future


The Wind Power Industry:

We manufacture base towers
for wind turbines

The Utility Industry:

We produce essential products
for ultra high voltage grid
systems that improve efficiency
in electricity transmissions

The Steel Industry:      

We produce critical components
for waste heat recycling systems
used in coke production, reducing
water and air pollution


Corporate Overview

Leading designer and manufacturer of high
performance clean tech products that promote
renewable energy production, pollution reduction,
and energy conservation in China

3 main product lines:

wind turbine tower

bellows expansion joints

pressure vessels

Critical components for various industries:
coking, steel, petrochemical, thermoelectric, utility

Strong R&D: owns 2 patents and 3 pending

Experienced managers: management has 20
years of extensive industry experience

We provide clean solutions that generate renewable energy, reduce pollution, and
conserve energy for fast growing industries in China

Expansion Joints

Wind Turbine


Three Main Products Lines

Company Overview




2010E sales: ~60%

Functions: Provide structural
support for wind turbine nacelle
and blades

2010E sales: ~20%

Functions: Key part of pipeline;
absorb expansion, contraction and
vibrations under high temperature,
high pressure, highly corrosive

2010E sales: ~20%

Functions: Used in petrochemical,
electrical, steel, aerospace, and
metallurgical industries as heat
exchangers, storage tanks,
separators, and industrial reactors




Diversified Revenue Mix


(up to 500 ft)





1. Wind Turbine Towers


China’s wind industry is the fastest growing in the world

Product Expansion  - Currently producing 1.5 MW on-shore wind towers, plans to produce 3MW and
5MW on-shore wind towers and 3MW off-shore wind towers

High Quality -  Significant manufacturing experience in rolling and welding thick walled steel plates

Location Advantage

Manufacturing facility located in Tieling, one of the top regions for wind farms in China

Sole tower manufacturer in Tieling city, has majority market share in the region

Reputable Customers – Supplies towers to China Huaneng and China Guodian, 2 of the 5 largest
state-owned utilities companies that dominate the wind industry in China

Stringent Testing – High tech non-destructive testing methods to ensure high product quality  

Production of a Wind Turbine Tower at CleanTech Innovations

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

Company Strength



Wind - A Main Renewable Energy Source in China

1.5MW Wind Turbine

Coal Power Plant

       Electricity Generated

3,942 MwH(1) (Annually)

3,942 MwH




Electricity Sales



CO2 Emitted Annually


3,443 metric tons(4)

Revenue from Carbon Credit



Total Revenue



       Amount of Coal Used


1,314 tons(4)

       Coal Cost in China



Costs of Coal Consumed



Revenue Net of Fuel Costs



When using a wind turbine to generate 3,942 MwH of electricity rather than a coal power
plant, over 3,000 mt of CO
2 emission is prevented while generating 3 times more revenue


RenewableUK “Calculations for wind energy statistics”


Renewable  Energy Law of the PRC


China Huaneng 2009 : average sale $/KwH, average per ton cost of coal


NDRC “                          “2005


Wind Energy in the Global Markets


Worldwide New Capacity Installed in 2009(1) - 38GW

Total Worldwide Capacity  in 2009(1) - 159 GW





China New Capacity Installed in 2009 - 13.8GW

China Total Capacity Installed – 26GW


WWEA 2009

In 2009, China installed 13.8GW of new capacity, the most in the world (36% of total)

At the end of 2009, China had 26GW of total capacity, 2nd largest in the world (16%)


Wind Energy in the China Markets



WWEA 2009


Morgan Stanley “China Wind Energy” 6/8/2010


New Energy Finance Estimates

The Renewable Energy Law of PRC: Requires grid
operators to purchase power from local wind farms at a
fixed pricing of between 51 to 61 cents RMB per KWH

High Rate of Return: Stable and clear policies ensure
high teens rate of return on equity for wind farm

Planned Projects: NDRC plan to install at least 10GW
of capacity each in Hebei, Western Jilin, and Inner
Mongolia – all are near CleanTech’s manufacturing site

Limited Natural Resources: China has limited fossil
fuel reserves and must invest in renewable energy

Ease of Project Approval: Unlike the U.S, China has
experienced little opposition from local land owners
towards new projects

Demand Drivers

Top Wind Farm Regions in China



CAGR: 102%

Total Capacity Installed in China(1) - 26 GW

Costs ~$1 billion USD to install 1 GW of wind capacity

China installed 14GW in 2009 and may install a record
(3) in 2010, resulting in about $18 billion spent on
wind energy this year.

China is projected to install 275-300GW by 2020(2) ,
resulting in roughly $250 billion to be spent on wind

Opportunities in the China Market


2. Metal Expansion Joints


Company Strength

Our Products are Necessary Components in Clean
Solution Systems:

Coke Dry Quench – We are the first domestic
manufacturer able to produce CDQ joints of equal quality
to Nippon Steel (previously dominated the China market).
Currently there are no strong competitors

Ultra High Voltage Transmission –  Our joints are
installed in gas insulated switchgear, an integral part of
ultra high voltage systems. GIS rated over 1 million volts
are only produced by a handful of companies worldwide
such as ABB, Toshiba, and Siemens.

Coke Ovens – Our connecting bend pipes replaced rigid
elbows which rupture easily, thus preventing dangerous
leaks and explosions

Other Metal Expansion Joints –Increase operating
efficiency and safety

Stringent Testing – Utilize X-Ray, ultrasonic, pneumatic,
hydraulic, and SF6 gas leakage test

High Performance – Withstand harsh operating conditions of
high temperature, high pressure, and highly corrosive

Company Products

Disk Spring Joints for GIS

High Temp Bellow Joints for CDQ

Connecting Bend Pipes


CDQ System Reuses Waste Energy


Coke Dry Quench System is More Economical than Wet Quench system

Coking process is an integral part of steel

Coking process involves baking coal at high
temperatures of over 2,000

Traditionally, water is used to cool the coke,
releasing pollutants while wasting water and heat

The Coke Dry Quench (CDQ) system is an advanced
technology that blows gas in an enclosed system to
cool the hot coke

The hot gas is then reused to create electricity

As a result of CDQ:

Waste heat energy is recycled to generate
electricity, saving money and reducing carbon

Water is not wasted

Water is not contaminated with toxic pollutants

Air pollutants are not released

High Temperature CDQ Expansion Joints are critical components in the system that can
withstand expansion, contraction, and lateral movements due to high temperature, high
pressure and highly corrosive conditions



CDQ Systems Reduce Costs and Pollutants


Coke Dry Quenching

Coke Wet Quenching

Electricity from Waste Heat

167 GwH/Yr(1)

0 GwH/Yr(1)

Electricity Savings

$9,260,630 (2)


Water Used


3,723,000 tons(3)

Cost of Water


($1,092,826) (4)

  Total Benefit/(Costs):



  C02  Emitted

4,328 metric tons(1)

134,646  metric tons(1)

      Toxic Particles Released(1)





33  mg/m3



4 mg/m3



7 mg/m3



14 mg/m3

Coke Dust

5 mg/m3

13 mg/m3


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate  Change: Baotou Iron & Steel CDQ and Waste Heat Utilization for Electricity Generation
Project , 03/08/2007. Assumption: Using two  CDQ systems: each with  25t/hr of coal capacity and 15 MW electricity generating capacity


Huaneng 2009 average sale ($0.055 /KwH )


“CDQ-Modern coking technology” by Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgy and Technology


By installing 2 CDQ systems, a steel mill can save over $9 million in electricity, almost
4 million tons of water and prevent emission of over 100,000 mt CO
2 annually


Higher Voltage is More Energy Efficient


Ultra High Voltage Systems Lead to Higher Energy Efficiency

Disk Spring Bellows Expansion Joints are needed inside the Gas Insulated
Switchgear to balance the thrust generated from internal pressure

Higher voltage systems allow more efficient
transportation of electricity and reduce the
amount of energy lost during transmission

By increasing the voltage from 500KV to
, the amount of energy lost in the
transmission process is reduced by 4 times

Higher voltage results in less power lines,
towers, and substations

Gas Insulated Switchgear is a critical part
of the ultra high voltage systems (up to and
above 1,000KV)

China is in the process of upgrading the
grid system to the higher voltage system

Transmission efficiency is improved by 4X
when voltage is doubled


Markets – Bellow Expansion Joint



China Bellow Industry Investment Analyst and Research Report  2010  by Zero Power Intelligence Co. ,LTD.

Overall Metal Expansion Joints improve efficiencies, safety, and performance of the underlining systems

Coke Dry Quenching

11th Five Year Plan – Mandates the use of CDQs and the reutilization of exhaust heat in broader scope

Consolidation of China’s Steel Industry – Larger and better capitalized plants are more conscious about energy
consumption and environmental impact

Cost Savings – Implementation of CDQ system pays back for itself in a few years, providing incentives for steel mills to
install CDQs based purely on project economics

Gas Insulated Switchgear

High Growth in Generation Capacity – China’s power generating capacity increased from 443GW at the end of 2004
to an estimated 860GW at the end of 2009

Adoption of Ultra High Voltage Transmission – Long distances between energy source and energy consumption site
require efficient ultra high voltage transmission

Coke Oven

Stricter Safety Requirements – Underground coke oven gas is flammable and explosive; our connecting bend pipes
significantly reduce risk of explosion due to greater quality and flexibility. By using our products instead of rigid elbows
companies can minimize expenses due to work stoppage and work place casualties

Demand Drivers

Metal  Bellow Expansion Joints

Market Size (1)  (China 2009)

$3 billion USD

Expected CAGR Growth(1)


Management expects the growth rate
for CDQ and GIS joints to be
significantly higher than the overall
bellow expansion joint markets due to
their low penetration rate


3. Pressure Vessels


Company Strength

Pressure Vessel License – Owns Class III A2
grade permit to manufacture products with
pressure rating of 0.1 MPA to 10 MPA

High Performance – Able to withstand high
temperature, pressure, and corrosion

Wide Product Offerings/Customization –
Various styles, shapes, and sizes built to
customer specification

Wide Industry Applications – Petroleum
refining, petrochemical, steel, electricity,         
aerospace, and metallurgy industries

Stringent Testing – Utilize X-Ray, ultrasonic,
pneumatic, and hydraulic testing to ensure

Product Safety – High product quality helps
to eliminate industrial accidents and associated

Heat exchangers

Storage tanks


Industrial reactors

Main Products


Markets – Metal Pressure Vessels


Pressure Vessels Market Size in China(1)

CAGR: 32.5%

(In Millions )


Source:  China National Statistic Bureau Report 2008


China Metal Pressure Vessel Investment Analyst and Research Report (2010) by Zero Power Intelligence Co. ,LTD

Rapid Growth of Industries: High GDP growth
leads to rapid growth in China’s petroleum refining,
metallurgy, and electric generation industries,
creating demand for pressure vessels

Emphasis on Higher Efficiency: Increasing
demand for Class III pressure vessels that can
operate at higher temperature and pressure settings

Stricter Safety Requirements: Buyers place
higher emphasis on the integrity and safety of
pressure vessels, which operate in harsh conditions

Demand Drivers

Market Size - China 2009(2)

$6.6 billion USD

CAGR Growth  (Next 5 Yrs) (2)


2009 China Market Size and Future Growth



Broad Industry Applications

Wind Power

Thermoelectric Power

Coke Production

Petroleum Refinery

Steel Production

Electric Transmission


Strong & Reliable Customer Base

Repeat business from industry leaders due to our high quality products


Top Clients



China Guodian

$15 bn USD

One of the five largest power producers in China; engages in development,
investment, operation and management of power plants and power generation

China Huaneng

$11.2 bn USD

One of the five largest power producers in China; engages in development,
construction and operation of large power plants

Henan Pinggao

$344 mm USD

Pinggao Electric is engaged in research, development and manufacturing of
high voltage and ultra high voltage switchgear in China


$73.2 bn USD

Diversified manufacturer and marketer of electrical products, including
electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social
infrastructure systems, and household appliances.


$24.7 bn USD

Engages in developing and processing of metallurgical mineral resources,
trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials

Anshan Iron

$10.0 bn USD

The second largest steel maker in China by output with a focus on high-end
products targeted for the auto, computer, and telecommunications industries

Wuhan Iron

$7.9 bn USD

China’s first supergiant iron and steel producer with 90,000 staff and 20 million
tons of iron and steel production per year


Competitive Advantages

Cutting Edge R&D

Developed innovative products that significantly improved efficiency, safety, and performance

First domestic manufacturer in China to offer CDQ high temp bellow expansion joint of equal quality to
those offered by Nippon Steel which had previously dominated the space

Developed various new products that render older products obsolete

Low Costs

Sources directly from steel mills at large discounts to competitors, bypassing distributors

Approved for special high technology tax rate of 15%

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Expertise in bending and welding thick steel plates; every welder is trained, licensed, and experienced

Utilizes welding equipments made by Panasonic and American Miller

Exceeds the requirements set by National Supervising and Testing Center with respect to appearance,
precision, rigidity, leakage, and stress

Class III A2 grade permit – highest specifications set by government

Products undergo stringent tests for defects

Protection Through Patents and Intellectual Properties

Owns patent for connecting bend pipes; in patent application process for CDQ high temp bellow
expansion joints and disk spring sleeve bellows expansion joint

Exclusively licensed to use a production method patent for lead free soft solder with mischmetal



Strong Organic Growth Strategies  



Expand alongside China’s rapid growth in the wind industry

Grow existing relationships with China’s top 5 utility companies

Aggressively bid for planned projects in the home province as well as bordering provinces of
Inner Mongolia, Jilin, and Hebei

CDQ Bellows: Capture market share with high quality and low prices

GIS Bellows: Work with companies such as ABB, Toshiba, Siemens, and Henan Pinggao to capture
large market share

Connecting Pipes: Capture market share by replacing existing rigid coke oven elbows

Leverage growth in the petroleum refining, metallurgy, and electricity generation industries

Introduce new product lines that can withstand higher levels of temperature, pressure, and



Utilize technological know-how for developing new products that promote:

Renewable energy generation

Reduction of air, water, and land pollution

Increased efficiency in underlining systems


Continue to leverage the fast growing markets and capture market share by offering
innovative, high quality products


Results Driven Management Team




Bei Lu


Chairman and

Founder of the company, appointed Director, Chairman and CEO in
September 2007

Served as General Manager of Shenyang Xinxingjia Bellows Manufacture
Co., Ltd. from September 1993 to July 2007

Selected as National Excellent Professional Manager

Designed many patented products in the bellows expansion joint industry

Bachelor’s degree from Shenyang University of Technology in 1992

Guifu Li

Chief Financial
Officer, CPA

Joined in March 2010 as Chief Financial Officer

Served as CFO of Shenyang Astron Mining Industries Ltd, a subsidiary of
Astron Limited (publicly traded Australian mining company) from August
2008 to August 2009

Served as Vice President of Liaoning Energy Conservation Material
Company from March 2001 to December 2003

Served as Financial Controller of Shenyang Economic and Technological
Development Zone Thermoelectric Company from January 2004 to July

Served as accountant and CFO of Shenyang Cable Co., Ltd from
September 1970 to February 2001

Graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 1976

Lige Zheng

Chief Operating

Joined in June 2008 as Chief Operating Officer

Served as Vice President of Dalian Baifute Cable Company from June
2005 to June 2008

Served as Vice General Manager at Shenyang Cable Co., Ltd. from
January 1974 to June 2005,

Graduated from Shenyang College of Finance and Economics in 1986

Strong industry experience - founders & managers own 65% of the Company



Capital Structure and Financials

Total Management Commitment:

Entire management team and insiders (67% of shares outstanding) entered into 3 year
share lockup agreements restricting share sales

Completed oversubscribed and upsized $10 Million PIPE Financing in July 2010 led
by Apollo Management and Witter Asset Management






  Basic shares outstanding:




  Fully diluted shares outstanding:




  Total Management/Insider shares (3 year lockup):



  Management/Insider %




















Net Income:
















EPS(fully diluted):




EPS Increase: