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Exhibit 21.1 

Name of SubsidiaryJurisdiction
Shutterstock Images C.V.  The Netherlands
Shutterstock Netherlands B.V.  The Netherlands
Shutterstock GmbH Germany
Shutterstock (UK) Ltd.  United Kingdom
Shutterstock International Services EMEA Ltd.United Kingdom
Rex Features (Holdings) Ltd.  United Kingdom
Rex Features Ltd.  United Kingdom
Shutterstock (France) SAS France
Shutterstock Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong
Shutterstock Ireland LtdIreland
Shutterstock Italy Srl Italy
Shutterstock Japan GK Japan
Shutterstock Brazil Servicos de Imagem Ltda.  Brazil
Shutterstock Canada ULCCanada
Shutterstock Australia Australia
Shutterstock Korea Ltd Korea
Shutterstock Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Shutterstock International Services APAC PTE LtdSingapore
General Purpose LLCNew York, US

(1)    Certain other subsidiaries of Shutterstock, Inc. have been omitted because, in the aggregate, they would not constitute a significant subsidiary.