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State or Jurisdiction of
Incorporation or
Align-Rite International, Ltd.
(United Kingdom)
Photronics (Wales) Limited
(United Kingdom)
Photronics California, Inc.
(California, USA)
Photronics Idaho, Inc.
(Idaho, USA)
Photronics Texas Allen, Inc.
(Texas, USA)
Photronics MZD, GmbH
Photronics Advanced Mask Corporation
(Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Photronics DNP Mask Corporation (1)
(Taiwan, R.O.C.)
PDMC Shanghai, Ltd.
(Shanghai, P.R.C.)
Photronics Singapore Pte, Ltd.
Xiamen American Japan Photronics Mask Co., Ltd. (2)
(Xiamen, P.R.C.)
Photronics UK, Ltd.
(United Kingdom)
Photronics Mask Corporation Hefei
(Hefei, P.R.C.)
Photronics Cheonan Co., Ltd.
(Republic of Korea)
PKLT Co., Ltd.
(Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Trianja Technologies, Inc.
(Texas, USA)

Note: Entities directly owned by subsidiaries of Photronics, Inc. are indented and listed below their immediate parent. Ownership is 100% unless otherwise indicated.

50.01% owned indirectly by Photronics, Inc. and 49.99% owned by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

50.01% owned indirectly by Photronics, Inc. and 49.99% owned by DNP Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.