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Exhibit 22.1

SunCoke Energy, Inc.
List of Issuers and Guarantor Subsidiaries

        If a series of registered debt securities issued by SunCoke Energy, Inc. is guaranteed, such series will be guaranteed by one or more of the subsidiaries listed below.
Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in its CharterState or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation or OrganizationDesignation
SunCoke Energy, Inc.DelawareIssuer
Ceredo Liquid Terminal LLCDelawareGuarantor
CMT Liquids Terminal LLCDelawareGuarantor
Dismal River Terminal LLCDelawareGuarantor
Elk River Minerals CorporationDelawareGuarantor
FF Farm Holdings LLCDelawareGuarantor
Gateway Energy & Coke Company LLCDelawareGuarantor
Haverhill Coke Company LLCDelawareGuarantor
Indiana Harbor Coke CompanyDelawareGuarantor
Indiana Harbor Coke CorporationIndianaGuarantor
Jewell Coal & Coke Company, Inc.VirginiaGuarantor
Jewell Coke Acquisition CompanyVirginiaGuarantor
Jewell Coke Company, L.P.DelawareGuarantor
Jewell Resources CorporationVirginiaGuarantor
Kanawha River Terminals, LLCDelawareGuarantor
Marigold Dock, Inc.DelawareGuarantor
Middletown Coke Company, LLCDelawareGuarantor
Raven Energy, LLCDelawareGuarantor
Sun Coal & Coke LLCDelawareGuarantor
SunCoke Energy Partners Finance Corp.DelawareGuarantor
SunCoke Energy South Shore LLCDelawareGuarantor
Sun Coke International, Inc.DelawareGuarantor
SunCoke Lake Terminal LLCDelawareGuarantor
SunCoke Logistics LLCDelawareGuarantor
SunCoke Technology and Development LLCDelawareGuarantor