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Exhibit 3.3



Articles of Amendment


Articles of Incorporation




Sichuan Leaders Petrochemical Company


(Name of Corporation as currently filed with the Florida Dept. of State)




(Document Number of Corporation (if known)


Pursuant to the provisions of section 607.1006, Florida Statutes, this Florida Profit Corporation adopts the following amendment(s) to its Articles of Incorporation:


A. If amending name, enter the new name of the corporation:


Horrison Resources Inc.

__________________________________________________________________________________ The new name must be distinguishable and contain the word "corporation," "company," or "incorporated" or the abbreviation “Corp.," "Inc.," or Co.," or the designation "Corp," "Inc," or "Co". A professional corporation name must contain the word "chartered" "professional association," or the abbreviation "P.A."


B. Enter new principal office address, if applicable:     Unit L, 16 FL, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road
(Principal office address MUST BE A STREET ADDRESS)   Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
C. Enter new mailing address, if applicable:    
(Mailing address MAY BE A POST OFFICE BOX)    


D. If amending the registered agent and/or registered office address in Florida, enter the name of the new registered agent and/or the new registered office address:


  Name of New Registered Agent   Corporation Service Company
      1201 Hays Street
      (Florida street address)


  New Registered Office Address:   Tallahassee ,  Florida   32301
      (City)       (Zip Code)


New Registered Agent's Signature, if changing Registered Agent:

I hereby accept the appointment as registered agent. I am familiar with and accept the obligations of the position.


  /s/ Roxanne Turner  

Roxanne Turner

Asst. Vice President

  Signature of New Registered Agent, if changing    


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If amending the Officers and/or Directors, enter the title and name of each officer/director being removed and title, name, and address of each Officer and/or Director being added:


(Attach additional sheets, if necessary)


Please note the officer/director title by the first letter of the office title:


P = President; V= Vice President; T= Treasurer; S= Secretary; D= Director; TR= Trustee; C = Chairman or Clerk; CEO = Chief Executive Officer; CFO = Chief Financial Officer. If an officer/director holds more than one title, list the first letter of each office held. President, Treasurer, Director would be PTD.


Changes should be noted in the following manner. Currently John Doe is listed as the PST and Mike Jones is listed as the V. There is a change, Mike Jones leaves the corporation, Sally Smith is named the V and S. These should be noted as John Doe, PT as a Change, Mike Jones, V as Remove, and Sally Smith, SV as an Add.




X Change   PT   John Doe
X Remove   V   Mike Jones
X Add   SV   Sally Smith


Type of Action   Title   Name   Address
(Check One)            
1)     Change   CDPCEO   Andy Fan   3904 US Highway 301 North
      Add           Ellenton, FL 34222
  X   Remove            


2)     Change   S   Tina M. Donnelly   3904 US Highway 301 North
      Add           Ellenton, FL 34222
  X   Remove            


3)     Change   CEOCP   Nee Seng Yap   Unit L, 16 FL, MG Tower,
  X   Add           133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
      Remove           Kowloon, Hong Kong


4)     Change   CFOSD   Pei Yin Cheah   Unit L, 16 FL, MG Tower,
  X   Add           133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
      Remove           Kowloon, Hong Kong


5)     Change            


6)     Change            


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E. If amending or adding additional Articles, enter change(s) here:

(Attach additional sheets, if necessary): (Be specific)






E. If an amendment provides for an exchange, reclassification, or cancellation of issued shares, provisions for implementing the amendment if not contained in the amendment itself:

(if not applicable, indicate N/A)






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The date of each amendment(s) adoption: March 19, 2018                                  , if other than the date this document was signed.


Effective date if applicable:  April 13, 2018                                                                                                                                             

(no more than 90 days after amendment file date)


Note: If the date inserted in this block does not meet the applicable statutory filing requirements, this date will not be listed as the document’s effective date on the Department of State's records.


Adoption of Amendment(s)                        (CHECK ONE)


The amendment(s) was/were adopted by the shareholders. The number of votes cast for the amendment(s) by the shareholders was/were sufficient for approval.
The amendment(s) was/were approved by the shareholders through voting groups. The following statement must be separately provided for each voting group entitled to vote separately on the amendment(s):


“The number of votes cast for the amendment(s) was/were sufficient for approval


by ___________________________________________________ .”


The amendment(s) was/were adopted by the hoard of directors without shareholder action and shareholder action was not required.
The amendment(s) was/were adopted by the incorporators without shareholder action and shareholder action was not required.


  Dated 3/5/2018  
  Signature /s/ Andy Fan  
    (By a director. president or other officer— if directors or officers have not been selected. by an incorporator—if in the hands of a receiver, trustee. or other court appointed fiduciary by that fiduciary)  


  (Typed or printed name of person signing)
   (Title of person signing) 



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