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Item 1.01        Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

As we have previously reported, the Sigma and Rockridge notes were both due in full on December 31, 2016 for a combined principal repayment of $1.0 million. The Sigma note was modified effective December 30, 2016 to require a principal repayment of $250,000, which we made on January 3, 2017, and to extend the remaining $350,000 balance due for another six months, to June 30, 2017. Under the modification, we also made a payment of $25,000 to Sigma on January 3, 2017, representing the full amount of interest to be paid from January 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017, which is fully in lieu of the interest that would be otherwise payable based on the 17% per annum interest rate stated in the note. In addition, the modification provides that the monthly advisory fee previously payable to Sigma will be reduced from $10,000 per month to $8,500 per month for the six months ended June 30, 2017. The modification also provides that no further principal payments beyond previously made principal payments as well as the $250,000 principal payment referenced above were required or will be required as a result of our receipt of proceeds from the sale of customer accounts of our subsidiary Infinite Conferencing.

We have recently requested that Rockridge extend the $400,000 due on their note for another six months, to June 30, 2017, and such extension is a condition of the above modification of the Sigma note. In the event such extension is granted in accordance with our request, we will continue to pay interest at 12% per annum and we will increase the origination fee due thereunder by fifty thousand (50,000) common shares, for a cumulative origination fee of eight hundred sixty-six thousand six hundred sixty seven (866,667) restricted common shares, none of which shares have yet been issued and are in lieu of any other origination fees thereunder.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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                                                                                                 By: /s/ Robert E. Tomlinson
January 6, 2017 Robert E. Tomlinson, CFO