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Exhibit 21.1


Waters Corporation and Subsidiaries



Waters Corporation (Delaware)

Waters Technologies Corporation (Delaware)

Waters Australia PTY LTD.

Waters A/S (Denmark)

Waters AG (Switzerland)

Waters NV (Belgium)

Waters Cromatografia SA (Spain)

Waters SA de CV (Mexico)

Waters Technologies do Brasil Ltda (Brazil)

Waters Ges.MBH (Austria)

Waters Kft (Hungary)

Waters Sp.Zo.o (Poland)

Waters OOO (Russia)

Waters SAS (France)

Waters SpA (Italy)

Waters Sverige AB (Sweden)

Waters Limited (Canada)

TA Instruments-Waters LLC (Delaware)

Environmental Resource Assoc., Inc. (Colorado)

Waters India Pvt. Ltd.

Waters Asia Limited (Delaware)

Waters Korea Limited (Korea)

Waters China Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Waters Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd (China)

Waters Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Waters Analytical Instruments (Malaysia)

Nihon Waters Limited (Delaware)

Nihon Waters K.K. (Japan)

TA Instruments Japan, Inc. (Japan)

Waters Finance V LLC (Delaware)

Microsep Proprietary Ltd (So. Africa) (24.5%)






Waters Technologies Corporation (continued)

MM European Holdings LLP

Milford International Limited

Manchester International Limited

Waters Realty Holdings Limited

Melbourne International Limited

Waters Finance III LLC (Delaware)

Waters Tech. Holdings Ltd (Ireland)

Waters Celtic Holdings Ltd (Ireland)

Waters Technologies Ireland Ltd (Ireland)

Waters Chromatography Ireland Ltd (Ireland)

Waters GmbH (Germany)

Waters Romania Srl

Expert Systems Solutions Srl (Italy)

Waters (TC) Israel Limited (Israel)

Waters Luxembourg SARL (Luxembourg)


Subsidiaries of Waters Luxembourg SARL


Micromass Holdings Ltd. (UK)

Waters Chromatography BV (Netherlands)

Waters Chromatography Europe BV (Netherlands)

Waters Tech. LC-MS Unapessol Lda (Portugal)

ULSP BV (Netherlands)

Micromass Ltd. (UK)

Waters Limited (UK)

Micromass UK Ltd. (UK)

        Non-Linear Dynamics Limited (UK)

        Waters Research Center Kft (Hungary)

        MPE Orbur Group Ltd (UK)

                Midland Precision Equip Co Ltd (UK)

PRA Europe Limited (UK)

* All subsidiaries are 100% owned unless otherwise indicated.