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EX-31.1 - CERTIFICATION OF PRINCIPAL EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013ex31_1.htm
EX-31.2 - CERTIFICATION OF PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL OFFICER - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013ex31_2.htm
EX-32.1 - ONCOLOGIX TECH, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013ex32_1.htm
EX-32.2 - ONCOLOGIX TECH, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013ex32_2.htm
10-K - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013.htm
EX-99 - OCLG10K8312013EX99 - Oncologix Tech Inc.oclg10k8312013ex99.htm



Subsidiaries of Oncologix Tech, Inc.

 Subsidiaries of Registrant





State of Incorporation or Jurisdiction Percent of Ownership of Oncologix Tech, Inc.
Dotolo Research Corporation Louisiana 100%
Angels of Mercy, Inc. Louisiana 100%
Oncologix Corporation Nevada 90%
International Environment Corporation Delaware 100%
Interpretel (Canada) Inc. Province of Ontario 100%
Interpretel, Inc. Arizona 100%
Telplex International Arizona 100%