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Moen Excavating, LLC ("Moen Excavating")






Magna Management Ltd. and/or Nominee ("Magna")




That it is agreed that Moen Excavating shall provide certain services, as described herein, on the dumps located on that certain property in the area of Pony,Montana which consists of patented and unpatented mining claims owned by Marlene Moen,Gene Nellis, Hartmut Baitis and lnga Baitis (the "Property") in which Magna has acquired certain rights.





Magna will pay Moen Excavating the sum of $10,000 USD a month beginning upon execution of this MOU, to take/prepare samples from the dumps located on the Property, coordinate the sampling with laboratories for the testing of samples and conduct negotiations and discussions with Golden Sunlight-Barrick mill for processing of the dump material at the mill. Thereafter, all surface work that may be required on the Property and hauling of the dump material to the mill shall be provided by Moen Excavating pursuant to a separate agreement with Magna. 

That this Memorandum of Understanding will be formalized at the option of the parties with their respective lawyers.




Moen Excavating, LLC.

/s/ Roy Mathew Moen

by: Roy Mathew Moen

its Manager

May 4, 2012

Date Signed


/s/ Magna Management Ltd.

Magna Management Ltd. and/or Associate

May 4, 2012

Date Signed