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Silverton Adventures, Inc. announces a Successful End to the Calendar Year

Las Vegas, Nevada (WEB SITE) December 21, 2011 Silverton Adventures, Inc. (Silverton or the Company OTCBB: SVAD), a publicly traded holding company, is closing out a record calendar year with an aggressive plan for continued growth for 2012 and beyond.

The calendar year 2011 saw the Company grow steadily throughout the year both in terms of financial performance, but also with their operations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Silverton not only saw steady asset, revenue, net income, and stockholders equity growth each quarter this calendar year, but also moved into a better equipped facility at year end.

On December 1, the Company moved to its new base of operations.  The Companys new facilities will allow for plenty of room for growth for both of its operational subsidiaries, Silverton Printing, Inc. (Silverton Print) and Worldwide Media Organization, Inc. (Worldwide Media). Silvertons President, Ron Miller said, We were excited to move into our new facilities off of Valley View Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. This move has been a long time coming and is the next big step in Silvertons growth plans. This facility will allow our printing division, Silverton Print, to expand as planned in 2012 to include on demand online digital printing. When we make the move to Print on Demand, we expect our printers to be operating 24 hours a day on an automated basis.  This will not only significantly increase the divisions revenue base, but should lower the cost per print job through automation thus increasing our bottom line.  Additionally, the new facility will provide our Worldwide Media division with a larger area for our DVD production equipment and inventory storage as we push to expand our DVD product catalog with significant capital investment in both new acquisitions from licensors worldwide that have high production quality home video and educational content, and the in house production of new, relevant educational titles directed towards the schools, libraries, and home schoolers. This divisions performance is driven by the availability of new products for our distributors to market and we plan to make a concerted effort to provide them with exactly that, an ever increasing catalog of new educational and home video market titles.

On the financial side, the Company is growing with each quarter that passes and fully expects for fiscal year end 2012 to be its best year to date.  As of June 30, 2011 (Fiscal Year End), the Companys revenues were $475,262 USD as compared to $61,883 USD for the same time period in 2010, an increase of over 700%. This Company was close to profitable operations with a total net loss of only $1,045 USD for the fiscal year end. This cash flow positive trend continued for first quarter ended September 30, 2011 where the Company produced its first cash flow positive quarter with net income for the quarter was $37,044 USD on revenue quarterly revenue of $165,532 USD. Ron Miller said further, Our Worldwide Media divisions income statement performance each quarter is a direct result of an increase in the products offered to our customers, an increase in our customer base especially through new agreements with national distributors (both traditional and online), and lower cost of sales due to direct distribution of our products to the end buyer by these same new distributors. We are looking to expand our product offering the next few months and approach additional distributors who will deepen the number of potential end purchasers who have access to our catalog of media products.  This should result in the continued growth of our revenue and thus our net income each quarter into the future. We are very excited about the upcoming new calendar year. We feel that 2012 will bring continued growth and be Silvertons best year to date.

About Silverton Adventures, Inc.

Silverton Adventures, Inc. (the Company) is a publicly traded holding company which operates two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Silverton Printing, Inc. (Silverton Printing) and Worldwide Media Organization, Inc. (Worldwide Media). Through Silverton Printing, the Company has a principal business objective of providing conventional or online digital printing and mailing services to companies nationwide. Through Worldwide Media, the Company has a principal business objective being the original production, acquisition (through exclusive licensing arrangements with independent producers worldwide), sales and distribution of educational, special interest, family oriented, inspirational and childrens DVDs and programs through major distributors nationwide.

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