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Idaho Power Company
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Item 8.01 Other Events.

As previously reported, on June 1, 2011, Idaho Power Company ("Idaho Power") filed a general rate case and proposed rate schedules with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission ("IPUC"), Case No. IPC-E-11-08. On September 23, 2011, Idaho Power, the Staff of the IPUC, and other interested parties publicly filed a settlement stipulation with the IPUC resolving most of the key contested issues in the Idaho general rate case. The settlement stipulation is subject to approval by the IPUC.

In its general rate case application, Idaho Power requested an additional $82.6 million in annual revenues in Idaho-jurisdictional base rates, comprised of approximately $71.3 million related to revenue requirement categories other than net power supply expenses (“non-NPSE”) and $11.3 million associated with net power supply expenses (“NPSE”). The settlement stipulation provides for a decrease of approximately $25.8 million to the requested non-NPSE recovery, resulting in a $45.5 million increase in the non-NPSE components of Idaho jurisdictional base rates. The settlement stipulation also provides that approximately $22.8 million of Idaho jurisdictional revenue associated with the recovery of NPSE would not be included in base rates, but would instead be eligible for 100 percent recovery through Idaho Power's power cost adjustment (“PCA”) mechanism in the Idaho jurisdiction if the costs are incurred. Idaho Power's requested Idaho jurisdictional base rate increase and the adjustments reflected in the settlement stipulation are summarized in the table below (in millions).
As-Filed in General Rate Case



Adjustments in Settlement Stipulation
Settlement Stipulation Result


The settlement stipulation provides for a 7.86 percent authorized rate of return on an Idaho-jurisdictional rate base of approximately $2.36 billion, and for the IPUC to allow Idaho Power to earn an authorized rate of return of 7.86 percent in any Idaho Power regulatory matter until subsequently changed by IPUC order. Idaho Power had requested an 8.17 percent rate of return in its general rate case application.

The settlement stipulation, if approved, would result in a 4.07 percent overall increase in Idaho Power's annual Idaho jurisdictional base rate revenues, effective January 1, 2012.
The settlement stipulation also addresses Idaho Power's calculation of the load change adjustment rate ("LCAR") to be applied in Idaho Power's PCA mechanism. The LCAR adjusts power supply cost recovery within the Idaho PCA formula by adjusting recovery upwards or downwards for differences between actual load and the load used in calculating base rates. The settlement stipulation provides for an LCAR of $18.16 per megawatt-hour, compared to the current rate of $19.67 per megawatt-hour, to become effective on the date that Idaho Power's new base rates become effective.

The settlement stipulation does not resolve all matters included in Idaho Power's general rate case. The parties to the settlement stipulation agreed that certain matters would be examined in either separate, subsequent proceedings or continued in the general rate case docket. Those additional matters relate to, among other items, determining whether the fixed cost adjustment ("FCA") pilot program, which separates (or decouples) the recovery of fixed costs from the variable kilowatt-hour charge and links it instead to a set amount per customer, should be made permanent as well as determining the appropriate percentage amount for Idaho Power's energy efficiency rider. The settlement stipulation provides that these subsequent proceedings will not impact the agreements reached in the settlement stipulation.

The parties to the settlement stipulation have requested that the IPUC issue an order approving the agreed-upon rates effective January 1, 2012. Idaho Power is unable to predict whether the IPUC will approve the settlement stipulation or the ultimate outcome of the general rate case proceedings.

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By:   /s/ J. LaMont Keen
J. LaMont Keen
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By:   /s/ J. LaMont Keen
J. LaMont Keen
President and Chief Executive Officer