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Exhibit 99.13

(Unofficial English Translation)

Purchase Agreement

Party A: Yulin Gas Chemical Co., Ltd.

Party B: Xi’an Orient Petroleum Group Co., Ltd.

Name of Product: Methanol
Amount of Purchase: Party B will purchase and Party A will sell methanol of no less than 10,000 metric tons. Party A shall transport the products to Party B’s depot.

The quality of the product must meet the national standards of the People’s Republic of China.

Party B shall complete the payment for the products before delivery. The price of the products shall be based on the market price of the products.

Loading location: Party A’s loading dock
Loading method: ground transportation

Transportation: by road tanker
Party A shall pay shipping.

Packaging standard: tank truck

Any dispute arising from the performance of the Agreement shall be resolved through consultation between the parties.

The term of the Agreement is from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010.
Party A: Yulin Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. (signature and seal)

Party B: Xi’an Orient Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. (signature and seal)

December 15, 2009