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In light of uncertain economic conditions and market volatility,
WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd. (WDMG), WinSonic Digital Cable Systems
Network, Ltd. (WDCSN) is taking this opportunity to update shareholders
on recent corporate developments.

The Company continues to focus their efforts on growing existing
markets,identifying additional market opportunities, product
development and reducing expenses.Management believes that in
spite of difficulties in the current economic environment
there are ample opportunities for future economic growth and
corporate prospects remain excellent.At this time prospects for
capital formation are best served by continued emphasis on
growing the business and strengthening the balance sheet.

It should be noted that over the last two quarters WinSonic
Digital Media Group has taken significant steps to reduce debt,
human resources, and over head expense while expanding and
enhancing current intellectual property, interconnection assets
andagreements that greatly exceed in value of the existing
market capitalization of the company. Management believes
the current share price does not accurately reflect the value
of corporate assets and is taking steps to educate shareholders
and the investment community on the value of corporate assets
and opportunities in the foreseeable future.The Company is
currently engaged in completing the 2008 and 2009 10ks.
Management intends to complete the process within six months.
In addition,periodic quarterly 8ks disclosing material events
will be filed, communicating significant corporate developments
to shareholders and the investment community.As WDMG continues
to focus on business expansion, product development, and debt
reduction, management believes the market will eventually recognize
 the value of current efforts.

The company is currently engaged in advanced negotiations on several
new agreements.There can be no guarantee that efforts will be
successful but in the event a agreement is reached and contracts
executed, management will disclose all agreements deemed material
through 8K filings in accordance with SEC regulations.The scope of
the disclosures may be limited by confidentiality clauses in service
agreements that limit our ability to disclose information beyond what
is required in a press release, 8ks, 10qs, and 10ks.

Though the global economy continues to struggle, we believe our core
business and new products and services for Health Care, Education and
Entertainment will continue to realize material levels of growth.
Although the general economy may continue to grow at a modest pace,
we do not currently forecast any decrease in our business
activity in 2010, but expect continued expansion.

The online chronic disease management market is growing rapidly and
is currently projected to exceed $25 billion annually. The market is
virtually untapped with less than 5% of the needs of chronic illness
patients addressed. The United States represents approximately
60 - 70 % of this market. General Electric, Phillips, Microsoft, SUN,
Intel, Cerner,McKesson and other fortune 500 companies are currently
seeking to penetrate this market; however there is no dominant,
full service health information technology company offering a
comprehensive chronic disease management product.The federal government
has set the bar for physicians and healthcare payers to manage patients
more closely,particularly those with chronic diseases. One way this
is accomplished is by linking reimbursement directly to their ability to
coordinate and provide care outside of the physician's office.

The stage is set for the exponential growth of online management products
offered by WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network. WDCSN will provide
products, training and support, establishing technical teams for future
development of marketing and product services. WinSonic Digital Cable
Systems Network will accomplish these objectives and the company believes
the result will bring about significant market traction, increased
revenue and shareholder value. We believe it will generate revenue by
the end of the second quarter.

The company anticipates additional funding in the near term. The amount
raised will cover operational and contract milestones as well as capital
asset improvements.WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network has signed Master
Services Agreements (MSA's) with various companies. WDCSN signed distribution
agreements that will bring our network reach to approximately 10 million
subscribers and 12 million households. In addition, WDCSN estimates its
digital services will reach 1 million broadband subscribers
via the Internet in 2010. We are currently in negotiations for several
multi-year contracts with other major broadband,cable, telecommunication,
and digital distribution service providers.

WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network (WDCSN) continues to grow and expand
its core business. WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network (WDCSN) will launch
its national,digital TV transport network now schedule in the second Quarter
of 2010.WDCSN will offer an extensive content library with transport rights
from top national programmers,cable networks, linear programming, established
music libraries, and Video on Demand (V.O.D.) rights from major Hollywood
movie studios. "Working with our partners, WDCSN will offer solutions
completely dedicated to the highest quality digital delivery of television,
video and music content to our client subscriber base," said Winston Johnson,
CEO of WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd."Our network has been focused solely
on digital video, digital music and digital television services.
We have structured our product offerings in a manner that optimizes the
experience for both network and customer subscribers." WinSonic Digital
Cable Systems Network has secured contracts for digital video,
digital music, and digital television distribution services.

In addition, WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network anticipates additional
hardware and software acquisitions, investment in sales, marketing,
new technology and customer support. A portion of the proceeds will include
reduction of debt and financing for partnership development. Exponential market
penetration can only occur through strategic alliances with synergistic
support partners. Included in this amount are costs associated with a
Series B Preferred funding to retire corporate debt.

Once the funding initiative is completed the company will be poised for
solid growth in 2010 and beyond