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EX-31.3 - EX-31.3 - COLONIAL PROPERTIES TRUSTg22042exv31w3.htm
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Exhibit 21.1
List of Subsidiaries
Colonial Properties Trust/Colonial Realty Limited Partnership
Name   Formation    
1.   Colonial Realty Limited Partnership (CRLP) Delaware
  A.   Colonial Properties Services Limited Partnership   Delaware    
  B.   Colonial Properties Services, Inc. (CPSI)   Alabama    
      1. Heathrow 4, LLC   Delaware    
      2. Heathrow Oakmonte, LLC   Delaware    
      3. The Colonnade/CLP Management LLC   Delaware    
      4. Colonial CPSI Colonnade LLC   Delaware    
      5. Colonial Construction Services L.L.C.   Delaware    
      6. CPSI Mizner, LLC   Delaware    
      7. Montecito Mizner, LLC   Delaware    
      8. CPSI James Island, LLC   Delaware    
      9. Montecito James Island, LLC   Delaware    
      10. CPSI Huntsville TIC Investor I LLC   Delaware    
      11. CPSI Huntsville TIC Investor II LLC   Delaware    
      12. CPSI Huntsville TIC Investor III LLC   Delaware    
      13. Walkers Chapel Road, LLC   Alabama    
      14. Highway 31 Alabaster, LLC   Alabama    
      15. Highway 31 Alabaster Two, LLC   Alabama    
      16. First Ward MB, LLC   Georgia    
      17. First Ward Residential, LLC   North Carolina    
      18. Forty Seven Canal Place, LLC   Alabama    
      19. CPSI Randall Park LLC   Delaware    
      20. Lanesboro at Heathrow LLC   Florida    
      21. Sam Ridley, LLC   Delaware    
      22. Midtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC   North Carolina    
      23. Monterey at Lakewood Ranch, LLC   Delaware    
      24. CPSI-Winter Haven, LLC   Delaware    
      25. Regents Park LLC   Georgia    
      26. Regents Park Phase II LLC   Georgia    
      27. 1755 Central Park Road Condominiums, LLC   Delaware    
      28. The Azur at Metrowest, LLC   Delaware    
      29. Capri at Hunter’s Creek Condominuims, LLC   Delaware    
      30. CPSI-UCO LLC   Alabama    
      31. CPSI-UCO Spanish Oaks, LLC   Alabama    
      32. CPSI-UCO Grander, LLC   Alabama    
      33. CPSI-UCO Cypress Village I, LLC   Alabama    
      34. CPSI-UCO Cypress Village II, LLC   Alabama    
      35. CPSI-UCO Cypress Village III, LLC   Alabama    
  C.   Parkway Place Limited Partnership   Alabama    
  D.   Colonial Commercial Contracting LLC   Delaware    
  E.   CRLP/CMS, L.L.C.   Delaware    
      1. CMS/Colonial Multifamily Canyon Creek JV, LP   Delaware    
      2. CMS/Colonial Multifamily Hickory Point JV LLC   Delaware    
  F.   CRLP/CMS II, L.L.C.   Delaware    



Name   Formation    
  G.   Heathrow E, LLC   Delaware    
  H.   Heathrow F, LLC   Delaware    
  I.   Heathrow 3, LLC   Delaware    
  J.   Heathrow G, LLC   Delaware    
  K.   Heathrow 6, LLC   Delaware    
  L.   Heathrow I, LLC   Delaware    
  M.   Highway 150, LLC   Alabama    
  N.   600 Building Partners   Alabama    
  O.   Colonial/Polar BEK Management Company   Alabama    
  P.   G & I III Madison, LLC   Delaware    
  Q.   G & I III Meadows, LLC   Delaware    
  R.   G & I III Colony Woods, LLC   Delaware    
  S.   G & I IV Cunningham LP   Delaware    
  T.   Parkside Drive LLC   Tennessee    
  U.   CRLP VOP, LLC   Delaware    
      1. VOP Beltline Limited Partnership   Delaware    
  V.   CP D’Iberville JV LLC   Alabama    
      1. Colonial/DPL JV LLC   Alabama    
  W.   TA-Colonial Traditions LLC   Delaware    
  X.   The Colonnade/CLP LLC   Delaware    
  Y.   CRLP Durham, LP   Delaware    
  Z.   CRLP Roswell, LP   Delaware    
  AA.   G & I V Riverchase LLC   Delaware    
  BB.   Walkers Chapel Road Two, LLC   Alabama    
  CC.   Belterra Investors LLC   Delaware    
  DD.   Bham Lending LLC   Delaware    
  EE.   Colonial 100/200 Owner, LLC   Delaware    
  FF.   Colonial 300/500 Owner, LLC   Delaware    
  GG.   Colonial Retail Owner, LLC   Delaware    
  HH.   Colonial Retail Development, LLC   Delaware    
  II.   Colonial North Development, LLC   Delaware    
  JJ.   Colonial East Development, LLC   Delaware    
  KK.   CPSI St. Andrews, LLC   Delaware    
      1. Montecito St. Andrews, LLC   Delaware    
  LL.   McDowell — CRLP McKinney JV, LLC   Delaware    
  MM.   CP Nord du Lac JV, LLC   Delaware    
  NN.   G & I IV Harrison Grande LP   Delaware    
  OO.   Parkside Drive Farragut, LLC   Tennessee    
  PP.   Highway 11/31 LLC   Delaware    
  QQ.   CRLP Huntsville TIC Investor I LLC   Delaware    
      1. BR Cummings Research Park Portfolio I, TIC-2, LLC   Delaware    
  RR.   CRLP Huntsville TIC Investor II LLC   Delaware    
      1. BR Cummings Research Park Portfolio II, TIC-2, LLC   Delaware    
  SS.   CRLP Huntsville TIC Investor III LLC   Delaware    
      1. BR Cummings Research Park Portfolio III, TIC-2, LLC   Delaware    
  TT.   CRLP Crescent Lane LLC   Delaware    
  UU.   BR Cummings Research Place Development, LLC   Alabama    
  VV.   CLNL Acquisition Sub LLC   Delaware    
      1. Cornerstone NC Operating Limited Partnership   Virginia    
      2. CRIT — NC Three LLC   Delaware    
      3. CRIT Special II LLC   Delaware    
      4. CRIT-VA III LLC   Delaware    
      5. Deposit Waiver LLC   Delaware    
      6. Marsh Cove Apartments LLC   Georgia    



Name   Formation    
      7. Merritt at Godley Station, LLC   Georgia    
      8. Merry Land Property Management, LLC   Delaware    
      9. ML James Island Apartments, L.P.   Georgia    
      10. St. Andrews Place Apartments, LLC   North Carolina    
      11. St. Andrews Place II, LLC   North Carolina    
      12. Timber Crest Apartments, LLC   North Carolina    
      13. Trinity Commons Apartments, LLC   North Carolina    
      14. Trinity Commons II, LLC   North Carolina    
      15. Waters Edge Apartments LLC   Georgia    
      16. Merritt at Godley Station II, LLC   Georgia    
      17. West Wind Landing LLC   Georgia    
  WW.   Colonial Retail JV LLC   Delaware    
  XX.   Colonial Office JV LLC   Delaware    
      1. CRT Ravinia MZ LLC   Delaware    
      2. CRT Ravinia LLC   Delaware    
      3. ACP Fitness Center LLC   Georgia    
  YY.   Colonial Office Holdings LLC   Delaware    
      1. DRA/CLP Office LLC   Delaware    
      2. DRA/CLP 600 Townpark Office Orlando LLC   Delaware    
      3. DRA/CLP 901 Maitland Orlando LLC   Delaware    
      4. DRA/CLP Bayside Tampa LLC   Delaware    
      5. DRA/CLP Blue Lake Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      6. DRA/CLP Colonnade Office Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      7. DRA/CLP Colonnade Retail Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      8. DRA/CLP Concourse Center Tampa LLC   Delaware    
      9. DRA/CLP CP Tampa LLC   Delaware    
      10. DRA/CLP Downtown Plaza Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      11. DRA/CLP Esplanade Charlotte GP LLC   Delaware    
      12. DRA/CLP Esplanade LP   Delaware    
      13. DRA/CLP Heathrow Orlando LLC   Delaware    
      14. DRA/CLP Heathrow Orlando 1000 LLC   Delaware    
      15. DRA/CLP Independence Plaza Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      16. DRA/CLP International Park Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      17. DRA/CLP The Peachtree Atlanta LLC   Delaware    
      18. DRA/CLP Peachtree Parking LLC   Delaware    
      19. DRA/CLP Research Park Plaza Austin GP LLC   Delaware    
      20. DRA/CLP Research Park Plaza Austin LP   Delaware    
      21. DRA/CLP Riverchase Center Birmingham LLC   Delaware    
      22. DRA/CLP Townpark Office Orlando LLC   Delaware    
      23. DRA/CLP Townpark Retail Orlando LLC   Delaware    
  ZZ.   Colonial Retail Holdings LLC   Delaware    
      1. OZ/CLP Alabaster LLC   Delaware