Select-TV Solutions, Inc. company info

CIK 1568628
IRS Number 990378854
State of incorporation NV
Business address 1395 BRICKELL AVENUE
Mail address 1395 BRICKELL AVENUE

Short summary

Select-TV Solutions, Inc. is a Florida company, with head office located at 1395 Brickell Avenue Miami, Florida 33131. In 2014 the company owned a total of 5.39 million USD worth of assets, including 1.86 million USD worth of current assets. An analysis of the recent trend shows a steady growth of company assets, with a 505.57% growth from the last year and a 58964.16% increase in the 2 year period.

Select-TV Solutions, Inc. Income Statement

Name [in Millions USD]20102011201220132014Trends
Operating Income (Loss) -0.01-0.12
Other Nonoperating Income (Expense) 0-0.36
Income Tax Expense (Benefit) 00
Net income -0.01-0.49

Select-TV Solutions, Inc. Balance Sheet

Name [in Millions USD]20102011201220132014Trends
Cash and cash equivalents
Accounts Receivable, Net, Current 00.00
Inventories 000.28
Property, Plant and Equipment, Gross 0.000.00
Accumulated Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization, Property, Plant, and Equipment -0.0000.03
Goodwill 03.45
Total assets 0.010.895.39
Current assets 0.010.891.86
Non-current assets 0.000.00
Accounts payable 00.010.19
Total current liabilities
Total liabilities
Common Stock, Value, Issued
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit) -0.01-0.50-3.43
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax 00.01

Select-TV Solutions, Inc. Cash Flow

Name [in Millions USD]20102011201220132014Trends
Net income -0.01-0.49
Depreciation 0.000.00
Accounts payable 00.01
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities, Continuing Operations 00
Proceeds from Issuance of Common Stock 0.010
Cash and Cash Equivalents, Period Increase (Decrease) 0.010.54